World Sea Turtle Day

Happy World Sea Turtle Day

In honor of World Sea Turtle Day, I am happy to share a time-lapse video of the finishing touches of my Subtropical Sea Turtle painting. This original acrylic painting is available for sale.

Today is a day to celebrate all the ways in which sea turtles are amazing. Here are some facts direct from the World Wildlife Foundation:

  1. Marine turtles can migrate long distances – the record is for a female leatherback that swam nearly 13,000 miles over 647 days from Indonesia to the west coast of America!
  2. Female marine turtles return to the same beach they hatched on to nest. Marine turtles’ amazing ability to navigate comes from their sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic fields.
  3. It’s estimated that as few as 1 in 1,000 marine turtle eggs will survive to adulthood. And if beaches are strewn with litter, it can prevent hatchlings from reaching the sea.

Even with all these amazing features and adaptations, six out of the seven species of marine turtle are threatened with extinction, and the seventh is listed as data deficient. Plastic pollution is one major threat to sea turtles. In fact, one sea turtle out of two has ingested plastic – often mistaking it for food such as jellyfish.

We all have a role to play in fighting back against the plastic waste choking our oceans. Let’s do our part and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse Plastic.

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