How do we define the degree to which something is important and then assign a monetary value?

Factors to Consider


Among the many factors to consider, originality and quality of the artwork are at the top of the list when assessing value of artwork. If you connect with and find meaning in the images that an artist creates, that in of itself is valuable. When you take pause and look closer you can appreciate the workmanship that went into creating that work of art.


The artist’s background and public exhibitions also play a role in the success of the artist and value of their work. I work hard to “put myself out there” and meet large audiences to see what people tend to gravitate toward. It takes courage but it is rewarding to meet new people and get feedback.

Supply and Demand

Creating beautiful quality artwork takes a great deal time, but new paintings a released throughout the year. You can see new available artwork by signing up for the monthly newsletter. Once a painting is completed, there may be a delay in posting the original art on the website of up to three months after it has been created to ensure full and proper registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. The best way to be the first to see new original artwork is to attend virtual and in-person events. It is hard to keep up with demand sometimes – and that is a great thing. But that also means that if you see an original painting you love, buy it before someone else does!

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