This collaborative work of art of Amanda and Mark Zirzow, represents their first artwork of its kind. Touch tank is a mixed-media work of art, utilizing mirrors, hand-painted-acrylic, sand, shells, and resin. The mirror represents the water and the stingray waits patiently at the bottom as the water is broken by a dropped river rock. Dropped by who? Look in the water and you will see its dropped by you! The concentric circles formed by shards of mirror inside the crystal clear resin provide a “sharp” juxtapose that gives you pause when reaching in to touch the stingray in this serene touch-tank. But don’t worry, the shards of mirror a safely placed under the clear resin. Look closely at the many details in the touch tank, real Florida sand, shells, and the hand painted artwork under each shard of mirror as well as the beautiful spectrum stingray just under the surface of the water. This artwork is designed to be laid flat upon a pedestal and we invite you to touch and interact with this “touch tank”. Alternatively, it can be displayed proudly on the wall and comes equipped with strong hanging wire.

Syzygy Presents: The Great Collab Challenge

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, 2301 First Street Fort Myers, FL 33901
Opens: February 5th – 6:00PM | Closes: February 25th – 3:00PM

The Syzygy Collaborative Art Project was founded in 2016 in the spirit of a blending of unique and distinctive styles to produce artwork that challenged expectations. For years, founders Nick Masiello and Danielle Branchaud explored the endless possibilities uncovered by such an endeavor, and produced a series of work that debuted in 2018 in Syzygy Presents: Urban Dreamscapes.

The results are extraordinary when you take a chance with someone. Collaboration fosters more than just new original artwork, but a new experience in cooperation, communication, and execution through the artistic process.

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