Customer Supplied Photos

It is the responsibility of the customer to supply any photographs or other materials that will be used as references for the portrait. These reference materials can be sent to the Zirzow Gallery by including them in the Order Process, sending them as attachments to an email or by regular mail, UPS etc.. All supplied materials that are not in electronic or digital form will be shipped back to the customer in their original form along with the finished portrait. However, the artist cannot be held responsible for items lost or damaged during shipment. The customer authorizes Zirzow Gallery all rights to the photography sent.

Portrait Changes

Although it is possible to make changes to a portrait at any time, and some changes are a normal part of the process, if a customer initiated change involves duplicating the efforts of the artist after the customer has already approved the artist to advance, there will be additional charges. These types of changes could include layout, size, canvas, theme, style, material, design and major color changes.

Refund Policy

Once you receive your finished portrait, it is not returnable and you will not receive a refund of payment.

Portrait Completion Time Line

The time line for the completion of a portrait can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the size and number of subjects in the portrait, whether a custom background is required, how many changes are requested by the customer, time spent waiting for approvals from customers, etc. Because of these factors, the artist cannot be held to any specific time line. If however, there are no delays on the customers end, such as approvals, or excessive changes to the portrait, most portraits should be finished within 7-10 days of receiving all customer supplied reference materials as discussed in Customer Supplied Photos.


By selecting Local Pickup, you agree to pick up your custom pet portrait from 2438 Harvard Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907 within 21 days after purchase.

If you do not pick up your artwork within 21 days, your artwork will be shipped to your billing address and you will be charged using the credit card on file for the original purchase.

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