Light Projection Mural at the Alliance for the Arts

Ligers by Amanda Zirzow

The Light Projection Mural exhibit creates larger than life messages in the night with outdoor light projection at the Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, Florida.

“Ligers” – Hand-Cut Paper Stencil,  8.5” x 11” designed to be projected for a larger-than-life art installation.

About The Light Projection Mural

The Light Projection Mural increases awareness of visual arts and artists in our community through an immersive light mural experience. This project is an unconventional outdoor exhibition using projection artworks visible to pedestrian and vehicle traffic along McGregor Boulevard. A projection of my “Ligers” stencil was on display from dusk until midnight, July 30 – August 4, 2020.

The Message Behind the Artwork

My artwork depicts two siblings who are currently living at the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary in Punta Gorda, Florida. Their mother was a tiger and their father was a Lion, making these beautiful animals Ligers. Named Achilles and Aphrodite, these two love their pool and will “chuff” at each other. Like a lion, they can even roar and Aphrodite loves to boss her brother around. This depiction of these two reminds me that family and friends mean everything and no matter what is going on in the world we are in it together.

These ligers came to the Non-Profit Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary in 2017 as cubs due to overcrowding at the facility where they lived. This artwork is dedicated to the volunteers who care for all of the animals who live at the sanctuary every single day.

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