Kung Pao Chicken!

My pet chicken, Kung Pao.

This story begins in the Guizhou province in southern China. As a young boy in the early 19 th century, Ding Baozhen accidently fell into water not knowing how to swim. Thanks to the quick action of a local, Ding was saved and went on to hold a government post in the Sichuan province. Wanting to reach out and thank the man who saved his life years ago, Ding visited the man and his family to express his gratitude. While there, the man served him a dish he had never had before , featuring diced and marinated chicken, peanuts, and spicy Sichuan peppercorns.

He enjoyed the dish so much he asked for the recipe and started serving it to guests in his home as well. Not long after that, the dish spread across the province and took on the name Gongbao Jiding , named after the man responsible for its popularity.

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