The Process

of creating your Rainbow Pet Painting

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Step 1 – The Photo

Choose your photo.  The best portraits come out from high-quality images, but in the times of cell phone photos, I can work with almost anything. Pictures taken at eye level are preferred. If you’d like to change the background or combine multiple dogs into one image, I can edit the photo to create the perfect composition. This will be the reference for the painting.

Step 2 – The Sketch

Step 2 – The Composition

I start by laying out the composition in Photoshop and then overlay a grid. If you have specific layout requests, you can indicate this in the “Additional Instructions” field when you place your order. From this image I can create an initial sketch to transfer to my canvas and ensure all proportions are correct.

Step 3 – The Under Painting

Step 3 – The Underpainting

The under painting serves as the base layer for everything yet to come. Here I put down large blocks of general shapes, colors, and shadows.

Step 4 – The Finished Painting
Sophie and Poochie by Amanda Zirzow

Step 4 – The Finished Painting

Once the under painting is dry, I can move onto the next few layers of paint. This is where you’ll see the clean forms and fine details such as whiskers, tufts of fur, and shine. When this is finished, the painting is officially complete!

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