The Lion and the Mouse June 10, 2020 READ MORE The Fox and the Grapes The Fox and the Grapes June 11, 2020 READ MORE The Owl and the Grasshopper June 13, 2020 READ MORE The Cat and the Birds by Amanda Zirzow The Cat and the Birds July 7, 2020 READ MORE The Tortoise and the Ducks by Amanda Zirzow The Story of the Tortoise and the Ducks July 7, 2020 READ MORE The Rooster and the Jewel July 7, 2020 READ MORE The Sea Otter and the Kelp Crab September 23, 2020 READ MORE The Raccoon and the Honey Bee The Raccoon and the Honey Bee November 15, 2020 READ MORE The Cecropia Moths November 19, 2020 READ MORE Look, Don't Touch December 1, 2020 READ MORE The Cardinal and the Fox December 19, 2020 READ MORE The Crab and the Oyster The Crab and the Oyster March 13, 2021 READ MORE Amazing Giraffes March 23, 2021 READ MORE

Stories from the Studio

Discover the message, inspiration, and stories behind some of my featured paintings.

Art Exhibitions

Nothing can compare to seeing original artwork up close and in person. Open yourself to the experience of art and allow the world of creativity to transform you.

Pet Paintings

Having a unique commissioned painting of your beloved pets makes an exceptional gift. Here are a few highlights and happenings in the world of pet paintings.

Community Highlights

We thrive when we work together as a community, and we are stronger together. Enjoy exploring these featured community highlights.

Dark Art

My works in the realm of dark art explore deeper and dark feelings. Fears, relationship with death, dark stories, and controversy all fall into this category.

Art Talk

There is a lot to discover when it comes to the world of art. In this section of my blog, learn about commonly used techniques and terminology to identify the different styles of art, mediums, and the tools of the trade.

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