Art Prints

There is a lot to discover when it comes to the world of art. In this section of my blog, learn about commonly used techniques and terminology to identify the different styles of art, and mediums and applications, and the tools of the trade.

What is an art print?

An art print is a printed reproduction of an original work of art.

What materials are used to make art prints?

The prints you purchase at Zirzow Gallery are produced using pigment based ink on acid-free, premium matte presentation papers. Each print is closely checked for color and quality before signing and embossing the print.

Why is the art print paper important?

The Fine Art Paper used is acid, lignin free, and meets ISO 9706 standards for permanence to ensure the image will not fade. The thickness of the paper is 230gsm (grams per square meter) which is roughly the thickness of 3 sheets of standard photocopy paper. This paper type has been selected because of its exceptional print quality, achieving the ability to reproduce high-resolution imagery at museum quality standards.


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